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The Hands on Heritage experimental archaeology centre at Tunstall, Suffolk, which operates in partnership with Suffolk Archaeology through our Outreach Officer, is a charitable heritage organisation providing educational visits for schools, youth and adult groups …

Flint knapping demonstration at the Hand on Heritage CentreCreated in 2009 with Heritage Lottery funding and set in Forestry Commission woodland the site is predominantly staffed by volunteers and gives visitors the chance to learn about our heritage, and experience how our ancestors lived and worked from prehistoric times through to the Anglo-Saxon period.

To find out more about helping as a volunteer, or to make a booking, please contact our Outreach Officer Duncan Allan or complete the form below. You can also visit the Hands on Heritage website by clicking the logo above or follow the Hands on Heritage Facebook page


Lunchtime for a visiting school group at the Hands on Heritage centre

The Hands On Heritage centre can be booked for school visits of up to 30 children aged 7+, or other group visits, for day or overnight stays. A visit to the centre is a fun and exciting way for children to actively learn about our heritage, with a typical day including a range of practical workshops and demonstrations in traditional or ancient activities such as thatching, woodworking, flint knapping and pottery manufacture, depending on the volunteers onsite. Each group will cooking their meals and bake bread for the day using the kitchen and oven reconstructions.

Constructing a Roman pottery kiln


Working reconstruction of an Iron Age oven at the Hands on Heritage centreIf you are looking for the opportunity to work on a woodland site, develop new skills and help young people learn about their heritage and how people in the past used to live then this might be for you. The Hands on Heritage centre operates from March - October and welcomes volunteers, both those with expertise in historic craft and woodland skills and those without as full training can be provided, to help in running our workshops for visiting groups.

Past projects in which our volunteers have taken part include coracle building, the construction of an Iron Age roundhouse and of a Roman pottery kiln and kitchen. We are always thinking of ideas for future projects, the latest being to reconstruct an Anglo-Saxon cellared building.

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