Ioannis Smyrnaios BA (Hons) MA PhD ACIfA
Finds Officer

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Ioannis was first involved in archaeology in 2000 while working as a site assistant in excavations around Greece. Fascinated by history and archaeology, he completed his BA in Classics at the Greek Open University and then obtained an MA degree in the Analysis of Ceramic and Lithic Artefacts at the University of Southampton. In 2016 he completed his PhD at the University of Cardiff, where he examined workshop practice and potting traditions in the Early Iron Age Aegean.

Ioannis has worked on various archaeological projects in Britain, Greece, Sudan, Egypt and Turkey. His main research area is the study of pottery and ceramic technologies between the 11th century BC and the 6th century AD. He has been involved in excavations, ethnographic research, artefact curation, experimental archaeology, laboratory analyses, archaeometric research, public engagement schemes and the study of historical archives. He joined Suffolk Archaeology in July 2016 and is currently working on Prehistoric and Roman ceramic assemblages.