News and Social Media

We recognise that archaeological discoveries can be of great interest to the public and that using our social media accounts or local and national media outlets can be a great way to inform as broad an audience as soon as possible …

Social Media

In addition to our website news page we use social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread the news about what we're doing and any discoveries we've made.

The former Suffolk Archaeology CIC accounts can be found here: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

TV, Radio and Press

The 'Lakenheath Warrior'Where possible we try to publicise the results of ongoing or recently completed fieldwork in the media, with projects often appearing in articles in the local press such as the East Anglian Daily Times or Bury Free Press, or on local radio or TV programmes.On occasion our sites garner national or international interest, the most notable perhaps being the discovery of the nationally important early Anglo-Saxon horse and warrior burial at RAF Lakenheath which achieved international publicity and its own episode in the BBC Meet The Ancestors TV series (Series 2, Episode 1 ‘Warrior’) and featured in the 2013 follow up series Stories from the Dark Earth: Meet the Ancestors Revisited (Episode 4. The First Anglo-Saxons).

We are also happy to respond to requests for advice or information from media organisations researching or producing possible articles or programs. Our Suffolk office staff have previously been involved in various TV programmes, including Time Team, Time Flyers, Meet the Ancestors and The Great British Story, as presenters, on-screen experts and diggers.