New service: Geophysical surveying

Suffolk Archaeology is delighted to announce that from January 2016 we can now provide in-house geophysical survey services following the recent addition of Tim Schofield, formerly of Britannia Archaeology, to our team. Tim, who has previously been our specialist of choice for the past few years when commissioning geophysical projects, has a wide range of experience in carrying out geophysical survey and interpretation in East Anglia and further afield, and has now joined us with a view to developing our surveying capabilities …

We can now undertake any magnetometer or earth resistance meter survey, across sites large and small, using a variety of hand-held instruments or cart-mounted arrays. These rapid and cost-effective surveys are commonly required during the early stages of the planning process to establish and map the presence or absence of any surviving potential archaeological remains within a proposed development area. They can be of particular benefit to our commercial clients or to community groups as they can establish archaeological potential, or pin-point hidden features of interest, whilst avoiding causing any physical disturbance to a site.

By having such expertise in-house Suffolk Archaeology can now provide a complete package of services to examine any site for archaeological assets for our clients; from desk-based assessment, through geophysical and other site surveys, to trial trench evaluation. Please contact us to find out more or to commission a project.