Our Aims

As professional archaeologists our overriding aim is to develop our understanding and knowledge of our heritage by carrying out high quality archaeological projects to the benefit of both our commercial clients and the general public.

Commercial/private projects

Suffolk Archaeology, as a provider of professional heritage services to residents, investors and developers in Suffolk and the surrounding region, recognises that our clients need to fulfil their obligations regarding our heritage as speedily and as cost-effectively as possible.

We aim to achieve client satisfaction by carrying out efficient and cost effective projects whilst maintaining the highest archaeological standards.

This aim is fulfilled by:

19th/20th century pottery kilns at Wattisfield, Suffolk

  • Guiding clients through the planning process and advising as to their responsibilities and obligations regarding heritage issues
  • Negotiating with local planning authorities or other bodies as to the requirement for, and scope of, any archaeological works required.
  • Responding promptly to all requests for advice or quotations and by providing accurate estimates of project cost and timescales so that clients can proceed with their proposals.
  • Carrying out all desk-based research or archaeological fieldwork in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Offering a flexible and reactive service to cover all eventualities arising from the process of archaeological investigation.
  • Enabling clients to achieve formal discharge of planning conditions by completing projects to the highest professional standards, meeting the criteria set by the local authorities Archaeological Advisors or other statutory bodies and interest groups.
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Community/Public Projects

As a Community Interest Company we aim to benefit the local community and general public by encouraging and informing interest in the heritage of Suffolk and the surrounding region. We have a strong record of pro-active engagement with our local communities, and continue to build relationships with a variety of local individuals, groups and societies.

This aim is fulfilled by:

Community excavation at Barbers Point, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

  • Informing the public about our commercial fieldwork projects, whether by providing site noticeboards, issuing press releases and social media updates, or arranging open days, school tours and site visits.
  • Giving lectures/talks to local groups (e.g. local history societies) to disseminate our findings more widely and therefore enable as many people as possible to understand and explore the heritage of the region.
  • Acting as advisors to local community groups. This includes helping groups to gain external sources of funding for their own projects, loaning equipment or staff to community digs, teaching specific archaeological skills to participants or providing support in post-excavation analysis.
  • Offering opportunities wherever possible for people, often students, to gain experience and training by volunteering on our commercial projects. Many of our staff began their careers with Suffolk Archaeology in this fashion and others have gone on to work elsewhere in the sector. We also periodically take on new employees in training roles for those with no prior commercial or fieldwork experience.
  • Maintaining an online library of all our past projects.
  • Maintaining a teaching/handling collection of archaeological artefacts which is available to the general public at our offices on request.

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