Project Management & Consultation

Our Suffolk office offers a full management and consultancy service to deal with a site’s heritage issues, help inform your decision making and meet your planning obligations …

  • Anglo-Saxon cruciform brooch from the cemeteries at RAF LakenheathWe can advise and manage your project from initial proposals, through discussion with planning authorities and preparation of detailed project designs, to the commissioning and completion of field investigation, final reporting and archive production.
  • We can advise as to the heritage potential of your site and the implications for its development. If required a rapid site appraisal/heritage statement can be prepared to inform a client of potential heritage issues or risks prior to a site purchase, or provide a basic background knowledge prior to opening of consultation with local planning authorities.
  • We can represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf with local planning authorities, Historic England or other bodies as to the need for, and scope of, heritage works.
  • We can produce detailed project designs and Written Schemes of Investigation for a wide range of heritage services, accompanied by estimates of cost and time.
  • We can either directly carry out project work, or commission specialist projects via our established connections with a broad range of specialist sub-contractors, to achieve a full solution to your requirements.

Case study

EUN 035: Wash Pits Field, Euston, Suffolk

One project through the planning process

18th century brick kiln at Euston, Suffolk

This project is an example of how a site may proceed through the planning process. Suffolk Archaeology CIC was involved from the initial desktop investigation of the site's potential for heritage assets prior to submission of a planning application, through programs of non-intrusive and intrusive site survey in consultation with the Local Planning Authority and its archaeological advisors, to the granting of planning consent and the imposition by condition of full excavation to 'preserve by record' the site's archaeological deposits, and the final assessment and analysis/publication of results.

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