Broadland Sands Holiday Park
Corton, Suffolk

Site Code
COR 052
OASIS Number
Site Type
Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken in advance of an extension to the holiday park at Broadland Sands, Coast Road, Corton, in order to characterise the nature of any surviving archaeological deposits. The site is immediately adjacent to a medieval church, and close to scatters of Prehistoric, Roman and medieval finds.

Twelve trenches were excavated over the development area, and were stripped to the level of the natural subsoil. Six of the trenches, in particular the ones adjacent to the church, produced no archaeological evidence. In the trenches in the north east corner of the plot, and so furthest from the church, a number of ditches were identified, many with Thetford type ware pottery within. This Late Saxon pottery has not been found previously in this area and is probably indicative of a small settlement nearby, with the ditches forming field or property boundaries. The lost Domesday vill of Newton is known to have existed somewhere in this immediate area and these findings may be part of this settlement.