Suffolk Archaeology offers a comprehensive range of professional archaeological and heritage services, via our in-house team and our close links with a range of external specialists, both regionally and nationwide …

Excavating medieval graves, Ipswich, Suffolk

Whatever your requirements, be it the monitoring of a small house extension through to the phased investigation and full excavation of a large-scale site in advance of a housing estate, industrial park or infrastructure scheme, we can provide an efficient and cost effective service to help you take your project through the planning process whilst maintaining the highest archaeological standards.

Suffolk Archaeology provides services to a broad client base in the public and private sectors, including private individuals, architectural, consultancy or engineering firms, public sector agencies, authorities and schools, building companies both large and small and a range of businesses connected with all aspects of development and industry including agriculture, infrastructure, quarrying and energy.


Establishing the heritage implications for any site should be done at the earliest opportunity, to reduce the risk of unforeseen issues and minimise future costs and/or delay.

If you know what you need, or have a written Brief from the local authority archaeologist describing what is required, then please contact us and we will be happy to take a look at your project and provide a free, no obligation, quotation.

To help us provide a fast and efficient service we will need to know some details about your site and the proposed development, such as existing and proposed site plans, site surveys, or plans of buried services.

If you are unsure what you need then please contact us for advice. We will be happy to help, whether by directing you to the relevant local authority archaeologist so that you can obtain a formal Brief, by providing a suitable quotation or by offering formal consultancy services.