Tim Schofield HND BSc (Hons) MCIfA
Project Officer

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T: 01449 900125
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Tim graduated from Bournemouth University in 2000, and has worked for a variety of archaeological companies across the UK. He specialises in geophysical survey and archaeological excavation, having undertaken numerous projects across the length and breadth of the country. After fulfilling a lifetime achievement of the start-up and running of a successful small archaeological company based in Suffolk, Tim joined Suffolk Archaeology CIC in October 2015 in order to setup the geophysical survey division of the company.

Since joining Suffolk Archaeology CIC, Tim has undertaken a variety of geophysical surveys across the East Anglian region, including multi-instrument surveys at the world-famous Anglo-Saxon site of Sutton Hoo, published in Saxon (No.64), over scheduled monuments of Roman round barrows in Rougham and the medieval remains of Bungay Castle and Hoxne Abbey.

Tim also enjoys training and teaching the techniques of geophysical surveys to colleagues, volunteers and visitors during Outreach projects and special events, he has been involved with various community participation events as well as preparing talks with schools and community groups.

Favourite Find

Tim’s current favourite survey with Suffolk Archaeology was undertaken at Bungay Castle where a variety of geophysical instruments were deployed to locate anomalies of archaeological derivation below the castle bailey.

Three separate surveys were undertaken employing a fluxgate gradiometer (magnetometer), earth resistance meter and ground penetrating radar. A range of geophysical anomalies that have significant archaeological potential were prospected that broadly fall within five types; in-situ structural remains including walls, floors and a potential well, robbed-out wall footings or service trench runs, rubbish pits, demolition/levelling deposits and extant modern furniture.

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