1-3 St. Peter's Street
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IPS 412
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


Archaeological monitoring of groundwork associated with the development of 1-3 St. Peter's Street revealed a moderately large deposit of predominately human bone under the floor of a Victorian cellar. It is presumed these are from burials disturbed when the cellar was originally dug in the 1860s. 1-3 St Peter's Street is the former site of Lord Curzon's house, an early 16th century mansion which was later used by the bishops of Norwich and from 1666, during the time of the Second Dutch War, housed a hospital for wounded navy seamen. Analysis of the bone has revealed skeletal injuries, including at least one sword cut, suggesting this bone deposit is probably associated with the hospital phase of the site.