1 Pinbush Road
Carlton Colville, Suffolk

Site Code
CAC 036
OASIS Number
Site Type
Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation and subsequent monitoring was undertaken in advance of an extension to the Harrod factory at Pinbush Road, Gisleham, in order to characterise the nature of any surviving archaeological deposits. An early Iron Age site was recently discovered just to the south of this site (CAC 035) and scattered Prehistoric finds are recorded on the county Sites and Monuments Record in the area. The site is also just to the east of Bloodmoor Hill, an area with abundant archaeology including an Anglo-Saxon settlement and cemetery site. Five trenches were excavated over the development area, and were stripped to the level of the natural subsoil.

Four of the five trenches produced no archaeological evidence. Trench 4 however, had a buried soil horizon with scattered flints of Mesolithic to Bronze Age date, as well as some probable Iron Age pottery found in association with a small burnt area, a possible domestic hearth, within this soil horizon. Occasional flint flakes were also found in the top and subsoil within this trench. This evidence is of a similar age to that found at the adjacent CAC 035 and suggests a small area of prehistoric activity. Subsequent monitoring of the area surrounding trenches 4 and 5, during the excavation of the building footings, revealed no further archaeology.