16 High Street
Mildenhall, Suffolk

Site Code
MNL 775
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


A program of archaeological monitoring of construction groundworks, for two new blocks of flats on land to the rear of 16 High Street, Mildenhall, Suffolk, was carried out following an archaeological trial trench evaluation which had identified archaeological deposits relating to four phases of past activity from the medieval, post-medieval and
modern periods.

The monitoring of footing trenches and a small remedial soil strip generally proved inconclusive due to the nature of the trenches and ground conditions. While evidence of post-medieval or later pitting/quarrying was broadly identified several features seen in the evaluation were missed and it was difficult to clearly identify with any certainty a difference between general modern disturbance and potential cut features of an earlier date. Apart from one piece of worked masonry dating to the 14th/15th century, which may have originated form the nearby church and was recovered from a grubbed out footing trench along the historic plot boundary and position of a former post-medieval structure, no further dating evidence relating to the medieval occupation of the site was identified.