40 Peckham Street
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Site Code
BSE 353
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An archaeological evaluation was carried out on land behind 40 Peckham Street, Bury St Edmunds. Three trial trenches uncovered a clay building platform in association with a probable clay oven and at least two hearths. There were also several pits that were cut through a buried soil layer which was present particularly towards the east and north of the site. The pits are likely to be contemporary with the clay platform and several contained medieval pottery that is dated 12th-15th century. The orientation of the clay platform falls approximately at right angles to Long Brackland Street and it is possible that this may be evidence for a substantial cross-wing from a property on that street. It is clear from the evaluation that the settlement evidence represents a significant archaeological resource from an area of the medieval town from which little is known.