7 The Highlands
Exning, Suffolk

Site Code
EXG 082
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Post Medieval, Undated,
Report Number


A small archaeological excavation at 7, The Highlands, Exning, Suffolk identified a 20m length of a single, 4m wide, ditch of Early Iron Age date, with evidence of later quarrying to the north and south.

Possibly enclosing a settlement on the high ground of Windmill Hill, the ditch was used as an area for the disposal of domestic waste, upon falling into disuse. The upper fills of the ditch contained one of the largest pottery and worked flint assemblages from a single feature known in Suffolk, with fragments of nearly 800 separate vessels of a domestic nature being recovered. A date range of 800-600/550 BC for the assemblage has been confirmed by AMS radiocarbon analysis.