Abbey Farm
Snape, Suffolk

Site Code
SNP 095
OASIS Number
Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Report Number


This archaeological desk based assessment was undertaken as a result of a proposal by the Environment Agency and the RSPB to create an area of new conservation habitats such as freshwater reed marsh, on land at Abbey Farm Snape, and includes an examination of the Suffolk Sites and Monuments Record, a documentary search and an aerial photographic study.

The proposed development area is situated on the flood plain between the northern side of the River Alde and mainly to the west of the Fromus River. Such a topographically favourable situation will have a moderate to high potential for archaeological material from most periods. Of special note is the site of the Benedictine Priory of St Mary and the possible associated buildings that may include a watermill and a dock/wharf. The whole site has the potential for the discovery of waterlogged and palaeo-environmental material. The landscape as a whole is probably of medieval date, at which time the land was reclaimed with the use of sea walls and drainage ditches and became grass pasture.