Adnams, Victoria St /Field Style Rd
Southwold, Suffolk

Site Code
SWD 046
OASIS Number
Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Report Number


This archaeological desk based assessment wasundertaken as a result of a proposal for mixed housing and commercial development on the Adnams site on Victoria Street, Southwold, and includes an examination of the Suffolk Sites and Monuments Record, a documentary search and a site walkover.

The proposed development area is situated on high ground, which is essentially an island; to the east is the sea, to the north and west is Buss Creek and to the south and west is the River Blyth. Such a topographically favourable situation will have a moderate to high potential for archaeological material from most periods. The site is also adjacent to the church of St Edmunds and this would have been the centre of the town in the medieval period. Therefore there is a high potential for archaeology from the medieval period to be encountered during any groundworks within the site.