All Saints Church
Laxfield, Suffolk

Site Code
LXD 032
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval,
Report Number


Following the excavation of two small test-pits within the body of the tower of All Saints Church, Laxfield, monitoring of the groundworks in advance of constructing toilet facilities was carried out.

The existing concrete floor was removed and the ground level reduced by between 0.45m at the east end and 0.65m at the west end. A brick floor, originally interpreted as the base for a stove, was reported to have been present throughout the majority of the tower rather than in one discrete area, but had been removed by contractors prior to the first monitoring visit by an archaeologist. A spread of dark, charcoal grey sand was present below the floor bricks up against the southern tower wall.

Below the brick, the layer of disaggregated lime mortar and flints recorded in the test pits was seen to be present throughout the tower. This sealed boulder clay which appeared to be disturbed where it was seen directly below the mortar layer but was cleaner where the service trench cut through it. No evidence for medieval floor levels was encountered within the body of the tower.

Monitoring of the service trench outside of the tower revealed disturbed ground immediately west of the church but nothing more than topsoil over undisturbed boulder clay where it followed the western church boundary.