Almoner's Barns, Cullum Road
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Site Code
BSE 496
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An evaluation to assess the archaeological potential of residential development at Almoner's Barns, Cullum Road, Bury St Edmunds showed that the site, thought to be the location of a medieval and post-medieval farm complex, has been subject to significant change and landscaping since the late 19th century, which probably included extensive truncation of geological and archaeological horizons. No firm evidence of the farm complex as shown on mid-19th century and earlier mapping was identified at any point in the trenching, although one ditch may possibly be from this period or earlier and the date of a small brick structure is uncertain.

A Historic Building Recording of the site's extant structures, carried out prior to the evaluation, showed that nothing of the farm complex dating to before its remodelling between 1845 and 1883 survived, apart from an extant fragment of wall that may be the last surviving remnant of a mid-19th century eastern barn which could have had medieval origins. The wall was apparently partly or wholly rebuilt later in the 19th century and incorporates re-used dressed stone, likely originating from demolition of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds. The surviving extant buildings consisted of later Victorian animal sheds and pig sties which were modified during the 20th century when the site, for a time, was in use as a builder's yard.