Balancing Pond, Low Road
Debenham, Suffolk

Site Code
DBN 104
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


As a result of an archaeological evaluation completed in 1999, two follow up excavations were undertaken in areas of the site where significant archaeology had been identified.

In Area 1, where Bronze Age pottery had been identified during the evaluation, further prehistoric finds (including Bronze Age pottery) were recovered from naturally deposited layers filling a linear depression, clearly a small tributary of the main east/west orientated valley, running from north-west to south-east along the western edge of the development area.

In Area 2, where a Neolithic pit was identified in the evaluation, a buried ploughsoil of likely Middle Saxon date was removed in spits by machine and metal-detected. A number of natural features (tree throws, run-off channels etc.) was encountered and their fills were found to contain worked flints of Mesolithic date, indicating some exploitation of the surrounding area and possibly the valley bottom itself during this period. A large north/south aligned boundary ditch was revealed running across the entire length of the site which may have origins as early as the Late Neolithic and which saw use into the Early Bronze Age. The long-term significance of this feature was attested to by evidence for an investment of labour in its maintenance, in the form of two phases of re-cutting. Sparse occupation continued throughout prehistory, with other finds of Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age date recovered from dispersed features across the site. A single poorly dated pit and finds from the ploughsoil also suggested that there was some Roman occupation.