Barnham Cross Common
Barnham, Norfolk

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Other Survey
Post Medieval,
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A Rapid Identification Survey for heritage assets in advance of a proposed program of heath re-creation and restoration at Barnham Cross Common SSSI and Elm Road Field SSSI, Thetford has identified a series of features of local significance.

Earthwork banks were seen to mark the west, south and northern sides of the Common, often underneath or in association with mature rows of pine trees. All of these features, correspond to the established boundaries of the Common and adjacent fields which are consistently shown with minimal alteration on historic mapping since the late 20th century. Structural evidence was limited to a boundary wall of probable post-medieval date on the east edge of the Common. The survey also confirmed that the previously known bank MNF61326 has an eastern terminus within the Common but demonstrated that it continued west beyond its already plotted extent to the western boundary and then beyond as an arable field boundary. All of these banks and boundaries represent elements of the post-medieval historic landscape and have potential for earlier origins. They can be considered as being of local significance.

A large part of the Common has seen extensive quarrying, most likely during the 20th century where it could be associated with surrounding military activity. Other scattered and isolated pits were identified and can be added to previously noted examples. The quarrying however also has potential to have elements of an earlier date and should be considered as being of local significance.