Blundeston Prison
Blundeston, Suffolk

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BLN 073
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An archaeological evaluation was carried out on land within the curtilage of the former HMP Blundeston, Hall Road, Blundeston, Suffolk, in advance of the first phase of a housing development. Two trenches, totalling 65m, were mechanically excavated. A third trench was abandoned due to access issues.

In the northern trench, adjacent to Hall Road, the natural subsoil lay directly below the topsoil. Frequent fragments of modern brick and tile were evident on the surface of the natural subsoil suggesting it had been partially truncated. In the second trench two intercutting ditches were recorded. A single sherd of pottery dated to the 11th-12th century was recovered from the earlier ditch whilst the later feature contained three sherds of pottery dated to the 13th-15th century. A probable buried topsoil layer survived in this trench and there was no indication the natural subsoil had been truncated. It has been speculated that a group of former earthworks in this area may have been related to occupation and the presence of the late medieval pottery in the later ditch could be seen to lend weight to this theory.