Brewer's Garage, Honey Hill
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Site Code
BSE 262
OASIS Number
Site Type
Anglo Saxon, Medieval, Post Medieval, Modern,
Report Number


An archaeological excavation carried out on the rear of plots on the corner of Honey Hill/Sparhawk Street, Bury St Edmunds identified evidence for continuous activity from the Late Saxon period to the 19th century. Post-holes and ephemeral features were found closer to the street, suggesting that it was built up from at least the Late Saxon period, and quantities of daub and roof tile were found across the site which may have come from Saxon and medieval buildings on its frontages.

At the back of the plot, there were substantial features relating to the changing uses of the rear space, with a particular density of medieval features. These included cess pits, rubbish pits, a cobbled surface, a well, hearths and a C12th/C13th oven and stoke pit that had been re-used as a cess pit. The burnt plant remains indicate that malting was one of the functions of the oven, and that brewing may well have been one of the activities on the site.