Cherry Tree Public House
Debenham, Suffolk

Site Code
DBN 132
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


Archaeological monitoring of ground disturbance in advance of the construction of new housing at Cherrytree Inn, Debenham revealed the presence of several urned and unurned cremations of middle Bronze Age date, as well as domestic hearth debris pits of early Anglo-Saxon date. The liminal nature of the topography of the site suggests that the burials fit in with a wider noted trend in Bronze Age burial practices for cemeteries to be located on the edges of landscape features, and often in relation to rivers and/or bodies of water. The presence of defined features of Anglo-Saxon date is the first time that stratified remains have been identified of this period in/around Debenham and may point to further Anglo-Saxon deposits being located to the south of the present town.

Further work on the recovered materials from this site may be able to identify trends in differentiation between cremation practices for the Bronze Age remains, though the Anglo-Saxon finds will require further discoveries in the area before they can be significantly re-assessed.