Chilton Farm
Chilton, Suffolk

Site Code
CHT 009
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


The final phase of the archaeological investigations at County Farm, Chilton was carried out in May & June 1997. Although this involved the excavation of a c.1.85 hectare area, only the northwestem and northeastem sides of a late prehistoric enclosure, first identified during evaluations in 1996, were revealed.

Two entrances were identified in the northwestem arm, the northernmost entrance being interpreted as the 'main' entrance, through which a track, complete with wheel ruts, ran.

The majority of the features within the enclosure were post-holes, among which at least one other roundhouse structure was identified, adding to that identified during an earlier evaluation. Many of the post-holes appear to form linear structures, which include a double line orientated northwest towards the main entrance.

The features, finds and environmental evidence indicated that the late prehistoric settlement located here was fairly typical in terms of known settlement types and economies of this period; the major difference being that it was established in a wooded environment rather than in open country.

Further evidence for the Late Saxon/Early Medieval village, which originally surrounded St Mary's Church, which is located c.150m southeast of the site, was also identified, in the form of a post-built double-roomed rectangular building in the southeastem area of the site.