Consolidated Comms Building RAFL renumbered from 2006/44
Lakenheath, Suffolk

Site Code
LKH 238
OASIS Number
Site Type
Mesolithic, Medieval, Post Medieval,
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Excavation and monitoring work in advance of the construction of a new Consolidated Communications Building at RAF Lakenheath has identified a low density of occupation dating from the Mesolithic and up to probably the post-medieval period. However most of the activity is ephemeral and difficult to interpret.

A fairly sterile soil layer overlying Bronze Age features, may relate to a similar finds-rich deposit found within 30m of this site, but if so, this area must be beyond the focus for the Iron Age to account for the absence of occupation debris within the soil layer. Windblown sand and parallel gullies probably demonstrate the presence and effect of medieval and post-medieval farming on the landscape.