County Hall
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IAS 1401 etc.
OASIS Number
Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Post Medieval,
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This desk-based assessment of the County Hall complex (a Grade II listed building), which lay to both the west and east of Grimwade Street, showed that the site had a long history of public ownership and its development can be documented closely through various plans and drawings since the site was first developed as the county gaol in 1786. Plots showing the changes and additions made to buildings on the site show that a considerable proportion of the site has, at one time or another been built over, often by quite substantial buildings.

Photographs held in the County Records Office, showing the demolition of the gaol in 1931, also indicate that substantive ground disturbance took place to remove the footings of the gaol. In addition, basements associated with the former gaol complex still exist within St. Andrew House. There is a good chance however that elsewhere substantial pockets of undisturbed archaeological deposits will have survived the previous intense building programmes of the late-18th to 20th centuries.