Crows Hall
Debenham, Suffolk

Site Code
DBN 124 & 125
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An extensive programme of refurbishment to the standing building included below ground disturbance to archaeological deposits. A trenched evaluation and subsequent monitoring facilitated the full recording of all the exposed archaeological features.

The earliest securely dated features were two pits recorded in one of the evaluation trenches excavated to the east of the standing buildings. Ceramic evidence recovered from their fills suggested a medieval date, although accompanying tile/brick may have been later. Two flint and mortar walls seen to the north of the standing building, but on a slightly different alignment, were also consistent with a medieval date. Considerable evidence was also recorded for structures relating to the 16th century, Tudor, phase of the hall. This included wall stubs proving that an east and south range had originally been present along with a similar range of rooms to the south of the gatehouse that mirrored the extant structure to the north. There was also evidence proving that the original gatehouse had been a discrete square structure and the flanking rooms to the north and south were a secondary construction, although possibly added not long after the initial phase. Wall stubs recorded north of the surviving north range confirm the presence of broadly contemporary structures on the north-west corner of the moated platform.

Later structures (mostly 19th century) included sections of moat revetment wall, two soakaways, drains, a chimney base and chambers and chutes for an outside lavatory, the latter known from the early OS maps.