Culford School, Tennis Air Hall
Culford, Suffolk

Site Code
CUL 045
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Post Medieval,
Report Number


The site of a proposed tennis hall situated within the walled gardens of Culford School, formerly Culford Hall, was evaluated by trial trenching. The site lies within 50m of the original medieval settlement of Culford and c.80m east of the site of the medieval church and it was thought that the site may also contain evidence of prehistoric settlement, which is known to exist along the Lark river valley.

A series of five trenches were dug across the 0.35ha. development area in order to assess the archaeological potential of the site. A number of archaeological features were partially revealed within the trenches, including three ditches, two possible pits and a number of less well defined features. One of the pits produced large quantities of Iron Age pottery, while other finds material suggested that some post-medieval activity took place within the area. A large feature at the northern end of the site may represent a quarry pit from this period.