Culford School Tennis Air Hall, The Street
Culford, Suffolk

Site Code
CUL 045
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An archaeological excavation was carried out on land at Culford School, Culford, in advance of the construction of a new indoor tennis facility. This was after trial trenching confirmed the presence of deposits dating to both the Iron Age and post-medieval periods, along with several undated features. The site, which is thought to lie within or near to the site of the original medieval village of Culford and within the area of ornamental gardens related to Culford Hall, identified evidence of significant activity in the later Bronze Age (c.1150-800BC) and the post-medieval period. An Early Bronze Age burial, with a complete food vessel, was also investigated within the site.

Despite the limited size of the site and the presence of modern services, several post-medieval ditches, a probable sand quarry pit, and a scatter of later Bronze Age pits were excavated, with a small group of undated postholes possibly representing some structural remains. A single Early Bronze Age infant burial, comprising mainly skull fragments and teeth, was found within a pit with a decorated food vessel and a group of four worked flint objects, which appeared to be intentionally placed within the burial. The human skull, and other human bone found elsewhere on the site, may have been redeposited (or be representative of contemporary irreverent disposal of the dead). Unfortunately, the remains were not suitable for more precise scientific dating techniques. The finds assemblage clearly indicates an area of prehistoric activity, with Early Bronze Age (and later) funerary deposits and occupation. In addition there is some evidence of activity both before (early Neolithic residual finds) and after (a single Iron Age pit), with the most recent features comprising post-medieval ditching (probably relating to the formal gardens for Culford Hall).