EDF Test Pits, Sizewell Power Station
Leiston-cum-Sizewell, Suffolk

Site Code
LCS 158, LCS 159, LCS 160
OASIS Number
Site Type
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Monitoring of test pits at Sizewell Power Station, Leiston was carried out in order to record any archaeological evidence revealed by the groundworks. Three areas were targeted and a total of 36 pits observed. These revealed significant modern disturbance in Zone Central (LCS 159), to a depth of over 4m in places, but little archaeological interest, with only three other pits containing anything other than undisturbed ground. These were a single pit with modern disturbance in Zone North (LCS 158), a pit with evidence of waterlogged deposits in the north of Zone South (LCS 160) and evidence of a channel, pond or wet hollow in the south of LCS 160. This latter feature contained a sherd of medieval pottery and lies just north of known medieval settlement evidence. A small quantity of unstratified medieval pottery was also collected from the plough soil in LCS 160.