Extension to Building 1155, RAF Lakenheath
Lakenheath, Suffolk

Site Code
LKH 210
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Roman,
Report Number


A small excavation was carried out in advance of the redevelopment of building 1155 at RAF Lakenheath. The site lies 300m northwest of Caudle Head mere, a natural spring previously identified as the focal point for an extensive Late Iron Age to late Roman settlement. Activity identified on this excavation dated to the Late Iron Age and early Roman period and was concentrated at the northern end of the site. The evidence from the work seems to suggest that this site represents a small, early area of activity either predating or contemporary with the earliest phases of the main settlement. There appears to be an absence of settlement between this site and the main area and limited excavation work in this gap may indicate that this was wet or marshy in the past. The features uncovered comprised ditches, gullies and pits and the whole site was overlain by gleyed and windblown sands.