Forest Survey May 2009
_multiple parishes, Suffolk

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Other Survey
Bronze Age, Medieval, Post Medieval,
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A rapid archaeological earthwork survey of eight forestry compartments was carried out during April- May 2009 in north-west Suffolk and south-west Norfolk to assess whether any earthworks or other visible archaeological features required protection from planned programmes of destumping, felling or other Forestry Commission activities.

In Suffolk a new mound adjacent to the Travellers Hill Tumulus in Wordwell was identified and it is recommended that this group, now consisting of three or four known barrows, should be protected from any forestry activities in a single bloc with the area covered by Scheduled Ancient Monument protection being extended. Other features in the various coupes which require protection from destumping include banks relating to the medieval Wordwell warren, the Thetford/Lynford parish boundary and former trackways or field systems dating to the medieval or post-medieval periods, a possible prehistoric barrow in Thetford and two pits of unusual form and uncertain date and function in Wordwell. Quarrying pits of likely post-medieval date were seen throughout the surveyed coupes.