Former Friskies Pet care Site
Kentford, Suffolk

Site Code
MUN 034
OASIS Number
Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Bronze Age,
Report Number


This archaeological desk based assessment was undertaken prior to a proposal for the erection of a mixed-use development on the site of the Friskies Pet Care Centre and the two adjacent fields to the north and east, and includes an examination of the Suffolk Sites and Monuments Record, the aerial photographic archive, a documentary search and a site walkover.

The proposed development area is situated on the west side of the River Kennet on fairly level ground with a slight slope from the south down to the north where it is adjacent to the route of the Icknield way. Due to the topographic location of thesite and the large concentration of Bronze Age barrows identified within this area, it is thought that Bronze Age material is probably the most likely to be encountered. In addition there is potential for medieval material to be discovered along the northern edge of the site near the route of the Icknield way.