Former NCP site, St. George's Street
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IPS 502
OASIS Number
Site Type
Anglo Saxon, Medieval,
Report Number


A trial trench evaluation of the site provided evidence regarding the natural topography of the site and surviving archaeological deposits of late anglo-saxon and medieval date.

Archaeological features were recorded in two of the trial-trenches. A ditch in a trench located towards the eastern end of the site was parallel to the existing road (St George St.) and was found to cut a pit. The pit included 10th/11th century pottery in its fill. One of the trenches towards the southern edge of the site, in an area where the site had been made up to the existing level, had two pits cut into its base, the larger of which included medieval (12th-14th century) pottery in its fill.
The evaluation has confirmed that there is potential for archaeological deposits to survive intact over the majority of the site with truncation limited to the northern end.