Garden Field
Bromeswell, Suffolk

Site Code
BML 037
OASIS Number
Site Type
Geophysical Survey
Report Number


In March 2016 Suffolk Archaeology Community Interest Company undertook a detailed fluxgate gradiometer and magnetic susceptibility meter survey on land currently set aside for sheep pasture at Garden Field, Sutton Hoo, Suffolk.

The detailed fluxgate gradiometer survey was successful in recording a range of geophysical anomalies that complement the preceding non-intrusive surveys. Positive linear trends indicative of former settlement ditches or field boundaries from at least three separate phases, thermoremanent responses indicative of a kiln type anomaly, a plethora of discrete pit type anomalies, two areas of magnetic disturbance and sparse isolated dipolar responses of potential archaeological derivation, one broad geological anomaly, a dipolar linear trend delineating a modern service run and negative linear trends of agricultural origin were prospected.

A magnetic susceptibility meter survey undertaken over the majority of Garden Field revealed that peaks of higher soil magnetisation were predominant in the eastern half of the existing enclosure, these higher readings may derive from settlement type activity. Lower readings were recorded in the western half of the field where potential colluvial deposits located on the side of the slope may be masking deeper lying areas of cultural enhancement.