Gedgrave Hall
Gedgrave, Suffolk

Site Code
GED 072
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval,
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Archaeological monitoring of an area stripped adjacent to Gedgrave Hall revealed a large pit, partly under a farm building of 19th century date. Finds from the pit indicate a late 17th or early 18th century date for this feature. The pit was likely to be a sand extraction quarry but the backfill included many large blocks of septaria and crag, some with mortar adhering. These could have originated from a nearby stone building.

Unstratified human bone recovered from the site might suggest that the ruined church of St Andrew was quite nearby and that its burial ground had been disturbed. The stone demolition material might have originated from the church and could have been used to backfill the quarry pit prior to the construction of the 19th century farm buildings.