Pakenham, Suffolk

Site Code
PKM 056; PKM 058
OASIS Number
Site Type
Roman, Post Medieval,
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Archaeological monitoring was carried out in advance of an extension to Gemeed, Bury Road, Pakenham and the construction of kennels in a field behind the house. The site lies within a known area of Roman occupation, on the north-west edge of the Roman town, and at the north-west corner of an early Roman fort and later civilian settlement.

The only archaeological feature identified within the small extension area was a post-medieval pit, containing a large sherd of a possible 17th-18th century bread crock, although a mineralised soil layer with uneven base could possibly indicate the nearby presence of large features impacting on the appearance of the ground around.

The monitoring in advance of the construction of the kennels revealed the presence of a buried soil layer containing Roman occupation material and eight features, ditches and pits, all but one of which lay at the eastern end of the site. The finds recovered were dated to the 1st-3rd centuries AD. The features lay on the line of the western edge of the early Roman fort and may represent a group of small re-cut ditches forming a boundary extending from the NW corner of the fort enclosure, which continued in use as part of the Roman town after the fort went out of use in the 1st century AD.