Holywells Park, Moated Site
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IPS 497
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval,
Report Number


Archaeological monitoring of the moat desilting at Holywells Park was undertaken during December 2006. During these operations four lengths of tree trunk that had been bored through longitudinally were recovered. Each had a tapered end which fitted in to the opposite end of its neighbour and together they formed a pipe some 12m in length. They were recovered underneath a causeway across one arm of the moat and would have allowed water to flow from one side to the other although this is believed to be a secondary use as they appear to have been designed to withstand substantial internal pressure such as that required in an ornamental fountain. A fountain is marked on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map some 270m to the west of the findspot.

An independent timber expert, Richard Darrah, was commissioned to undertake an assessment of the pipes and samples were taken for identification of the species which was confirmed as elm by Rowena Gale.