Land adjacent 17 Beeches Road, West Row
Mildenhall, Suffolk

Site Code
MNL 762
OASIS Number
Site Type
Post Medieval,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation was carried out on an area of land adjacent to 17, Beeches Road, West Row, Mildenhall, Suffolk, in advance of a small housing development. The site is situated on the corner of Beeches Road and Mildenhall Road.

Three trenches were excavated revealing a natural subsoil of chalk or pale grey chalky silt at depths of between 0.4m to 0.8m. A single pit and a spread of chalk rubble, both of which yielded material dated to the 18th century, were recorded in a trench in the area that fronted onto Mildenhall Road. The other two trenches were devoid of archaeological features.