Land at County Farm (East), Church Field Road
Chilton, Suffolk

Site Code
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Site Type
Desk-Based Assessment
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Medieval,
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This Desk Based Assessment has set the site within the known archaeological landscape through an updated examination of the Historic Environment Record, aerial photographs and a documentary search, adding to the information known from a previous assessment in 1996.

The site of approximately 6.8ha lies to the north-east of Sudbury on an area of high ground, c.55-62m, overlying the Stour valley. The DBA shows that the site is of high potential for archaeological deposits of regional significance.

The site partially includes the site of a Late Bronze Age/Iron Age settlement enclosure of regional importance. This enclosure, where it lies within the site, has already been excavated in full although recent work to the south has demonstrated that settlement evidence extends beyond the confines of the enclosure. A prehistoric trackway which exits the enclosure also potentially crosses the site. This implies that the site as a whole has the potential for prehistoric deposits.

The site also lies in close proximity to the medieval Church of St Mary, an associated medieval green and Chilton Hall. Early medieval settlement evidence has been excavated in an adjacent field and a medieval trackway crosses part of the site. Documentary evidence shows that the PDA has been in agricultural use since at least the 16th century.