Land at Grove Farm, Harleston Road
Linstead Magna, Suffolk

Site Code
LDM 008
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An archaeological evaluation was carried out on land at Grove Farm, Harleston Road, Linstead Magna, covering an area of approximately 2.6ha.

The trenches to the south east of the present farm buildings only encountered modern truncations and services, while those in the larger field to the southwest and west revealed evidence believed to relate to medieval strip field agriculture, orientated approximately east-west.

While a small quantity of medieval pottery was recovered, the nature of the finds, their paucity and degraded character indicate that they could be residual or intrusive finds and therefore not definitively reliable as dating evidence. The other likely date for activity would be the Roman period, however the lack of any Roman pottery from features this close to a significant Roman site would suggest that a medieval date is more likely, and this does tally with what finds were recovered.