Land at Hollow Road
Fornham St Martin, Suffolk

Site Code
FSM 024
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age, Roman,
Report Number


From the 1st to the 8th August 2016 an archaeological trial trench evaluation was undertaken by Suffolk Archaeology CIC within the footprint of the proposed West Suffolk Operational Hub, a site proposed to manage household waste at Hollow Road Farm, Hollow Road, Fornham St Martin, Suffolk. A total area of 2400sqm (c.4% of the total c.6 hectares available for evaluation) was evaluated to assess the quantity, quality and extent of any surviving archaeological deposits. Trenches were targeted over geophysical anomalies of potential archaeological interest undertaken by Britannia Archaeology and
also to provide adequate spatial coverage of the proposed development area.

The evaluation identified a total of thirteen features in the twenty-four trenches; tree throws, modern postholes and silt patches were also further investigated. All were overlain by varying depths of subsoil and/or ploughsoil deposits and were all cut into the superficial geology. The archaeological features are indicative of site occupation that span from at least the Middle Iron Age through to the Roman period, with features focussed in the eastern third of the field. Ditched enclosures on a variety of alignments reveal that the site has been continually subdivided from at least the Middle Iron Age. Rubbish pits and material evidence recovered from the ditches indicate that domestic habitation, animal husbandry and cereal crop production has also taken place.