Land to the Rear of the Old Post Office, Church Street
Fressingfield, Suffolk

Site Code
FSF 090
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
Report Number


An evaluation to assess the archaeological potential of land to the rear of the Old Post Office, Church Street, Fressingfield, Suffolk was carried out to assess the impact of a proposed residential development on heritage assets.

The single evaluation trench showed that the potential archaeological horizon/intact geological surface lay at a depth of 0.6m+, directly below a heavily disturbed 20th century topsoil, and so has potentially been truncated to an unknown degree.
Two or more substantial intercutting/adjoining pits, infilled with a deposit containing late medieval and post-medieval material were identified, one reaching a depth of at least 1.65m below groundlevel. The position of the site, to the rear of buildings fronting onto Church Street, suggests that these pits lay in in the rear gardens/yards, on the edge of the medieval and post-medieval settlement. Their original function is uncertain but they appear to have been infilled/used for rubbish disposal.

The finds material indicates activity in the area during the 15th -16th century and possibly suggests the presence of a kiln in the settlement, producing similar wares to contemporary known kilns at Metfield and Weybread.