Martlesham Park and Ride
Martlesham, Suffolk

Site Code
MRM 075
OASIS Number
Site Type
Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Post Medieval, Modern,
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An excavation on the proposed site of a Park and Ride facility identified evidence of early human activity. The earliest phase dated to the Bronze Age period (c. 2200BC to 600BC) and comprised an area of small shallow pits containing Early Bronze Age 'Beaker' pottery and a small number of flint tools and flakes. A deposit of cremated human bone was recovered from a small pit and although no artefacts were recovered it is believed to be Bronze Age in date. These features are likely to represent domestic occupation and indicate that a settlement existed in the vicinity although no evidence for any
structures of a Bronze Age date was identified.

The second major phase of activity has been dated to the Late Iron Age/Early Roman period and comprised a series of ditches forming small enclosures or fields that are probably associated with pastoral farming. Only a relatively small number of Iron Age/Roman artefacts were recovered suggesting that any settlement associated with this farmland was located elsewhere (possibly in the valley to the north).

The final phase of activity is related to Post-medieval occupation (c.1700 to present) and consisted of field and tree plantation boundaries, again formed by ditches. Also recovered during the excavation was the harness for a two-horse plough which had been buried in shallow pit. This probably dates from the 1930s and was presumably deliberately discarded when made redundant by the greater use of the internal combustion engine.