Merchant Quarter, Fore Street
Ipswich, Suffolk

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Desk-Based Assessment
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This archaeological desk based assessment (DBA) has been undertaken in advance of any proposal to re-develop the PDA. The DBA includes an examination of the Suffolk Historic Environment Record (HER) and a historic map and documentary search.

The results of this DBA suggest there is a very high potential for encountering archaeological remains throughout the PDA dating from the Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods. These remains include human burials, pottery kilns, waterfront deposits and buildings and settlement evidence. Due to the location of the PDA close to the river there is the potential for waterlogged material and environmental evidence to survive.

Archaeological interventions within and adjacent to the PDA have demonstrated that there is good preservation of archaeological deposits and these can be as little as 0.5m below the present ground surface. Trial trenching undertaken in 2011 revealed limited prehistoric and Late Saxon activity but did confirm the presence of significant medieval activity, which includes a potentially large number of inhumations across much of the south-western, northern and eastern areas of the PDA. An excavation undertaken in the northwest corner of the PDA revealed extensive medieval activity but this is yet to be fully published.