Mulberry House, Church Hill
Pakenham, Suffolk

Site Code
PKM 054
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Archaeological monitoring was carried out at Mulberry House, Church Hill, Pakenham during construction of a detached garage in front of the existing dwelling. This entailed lowering the ground levels at the western end of the plot by up to one metre, along with more minor ground reduction to the east.

A single visit was made to the site and a large medieval feature was partially revealed as a result of the ground reduction in the north-western corner of the site area. The feature consisted of a thick layer of roughly laid materials including flint, chalk and clay, together with quantities of oyster shell. The deposit was possibly intended as levelling, perhaps within a natural hollow, but also to provide a firm yard surface. No evidence of any structural remains were found and therefore the deposit is less likely to represent a floor or base for a floor surface. Seven fragments of pottery were collected from deep within this deposit, which date to between the late 12th-14th centuries.