Neptune Quay
Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Code
IAS 6601
OASIS Number
Site Type
Medieval, Post Medieval,
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Two trial-trenches were excavated within the footprint of proposed buildings close to the Fore Street frontage of the site. In addition, the excavation of eight engineering test-pits was also monitored. Evidence was recorded in both trenches for cellars, rooms and passages associated with buildings fronting onto Fore Street. These were dated from their included bricks as Late 17th to 19th century, although the good quality of the brickwork suggests a date towards the later end of this range.

One earlier wall was recorded (16th century) which has been interpreted as the possible continuation of a quay wall, previously identified in a small excavation carried out in 1989, which may,have followed the line of the earlier riverbank into a small tributary to the main river. This wall appeared to have continued in existence as a boundary and been incorporated into later structures.

In addition, an extensive layer was recorded over the eastern end of the site which was dated from artefactual and cartographic evidence to the 1 7th century, and represented a programme of enwharfment carried out between the production of Speed's map of Ipswich (1610) and Ogilby's of 1674. Below this layer, on the riverward side of the quay wall, waterlogged deposits were recorded. These were similar to those seen in the 1989 excavation (dating from the mid 7th to 16th centuries) and represented the natural accretion and deliberate dumping of material in the intertidal zone of the riverbank during this period. Naturally occurring sand and gravel of the original riverbank were only identified towards the north-west comer of the site in Trench 1.