New Housing, RAF Feltwell
Feltwell, Norfolk

Site Code
ENF 52795 & 52796
OASIS Number
Site Type
Neolithic, Iron Age, Roman, Modern,
Report Number


An archaeological evaluation carried out on two sites at RAF Feltwell identified scattered pits across both sites, which, where dated, were largely prehistoric, as well as a possible Roman ditch, a post-medieval ditch and further undated ditches. Two finds of earlier Iron Age pottery were made on site 52796 (Cardington Road), but neither came from clear cut features or could be associated with any other specific occupation evidence. A shallow irregular pit on site 52795 (Blackdyke Close) contained sherds of earlier Neolithic Mildenhall Ware, a relatively rare local pottery dating to c.3400BC. Two circular pits, containing one sherd of Iron Age pottery were also identified on site 52795 lying in an area where overburden cover was only 0.4m.

On both sites most of the chalk natural was sealed beneath deep silt and modern deposits of at least 1m, although chalk was found at 0.3-0.5m in small areas of each site. On site 52796, military structures were also identified including a possible air-raid shelter lying under the centre of a roundabout.