New Road Layout, RAF Lakenheath
Eriswell, Suffolk

Site Code
ERL 161
OASIS Number
Site Type
Roman, Anglo Saxon,
Report Number


An archaeological excavation was carried out between April 2007 and August 2008 in advance of the realignment of the junction of Norwich and Plymouth Roads and Exeter Crescent at RAF Lakenheath, which lies close to an area from where 267 Anglo-Saxon burials were found in 1997. Three Anglo-Saxon burials were identified during the final stages of the work linking the existing Norwich Road into the new road, two of which were new discoveries and one of which was the second half of a burial found during pipe laying works in 2002. An Iron Age pit was also found in this area. The rest of the works revealed a series of undated E-W and NE-SW aligned ditches, which probably form part of the wider Roman and Saxon field systems identified on previous sites. Examination of the soil profiles also identified the limits of a N-S aligned linear hollow in this area.