New Visitor Centre, Suffolk Punch Trust, Hollesley Bay
Hollesley, Suffolk

Site Code
HLY 110
OASIS Number
Site Type
Iron Age,
Report Number


Archaeological monitoring was carried out on land at the Suffolk Punch Trust, Hollesley Bay Colony in advance of construction of a new visitor centre. The construction involved inserting a new access road and associated parking in addition to the visitor centre building. This report is concerned with the visitor centre building only.

The area of ground truncation required for the construction of the visitor centre encountered several features of Iron Age date, including two pits and three to four ditches, possibly related to some form of enclosure or boundary. At least three of the features contained a significant amount of burnt material, suggested as being the result of at least one event of high temperature combustion, most likely from some form of small-scale industrial process. Although the features encountered continued out of the area where the archaeological horizon was exposed, none of them were visible in the sections of the building foundations excavated in these directions.